Qualified Abroad?


NARIC – Qualification Comparability

If you have arrived in the UK with professional qualifications from another country you can apply to UK NARIC to have your achievements assessed against UK qualification framework levels, and provide a statement of comparability.

IELTS & ESOL Courses

If you need to prove your English skills you can take the IELTS test (a course alone is often insufficient), IELTS is the only test recognised if you’re applying for a visa or residence in the UK, and is widely accepted elsewhere. The nearest training and test centre for this area is Kings Education in Oxford which offers teaching and assessment. For professional practice, English should be equivalent to that of a native speaker, or IELTS level 7.

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) – These classes are for those with little or no skills in English who are looking for work where a professional level of English is not required. All the courses below are accredited and have a tuition fee, except the Workers Educational Association (WEA) who offer a ‘Taster’ and a non-accredited ‘First Steps’ introductory course at no charge.

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