Powerboat Workshops


With Williams Jet Tenders (Suspended due to COVID-19)

Our pioneering programme, run annually in partnership with Williams Jet Tenders, offers students in Year 10 training in key aspects of the marine industry. Williams Jet Tenders are a marine engineering company, in fact the largest luxury boatbuilders in England (by volume), who are based here in Berinsfield. 

It is a one-day workshop on the factory floor manufacturing remote controlled powerboats. Williams Jet Tenders will then offer a 2 year, Level 2 Apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering to the most outstanding participant(s) each year. We support all the other participants to develop CVs and apply for further training and work experience.

Mathew Hornsby, who founded the company with brother John and Roy Parker, said: “The idea was to give youngsters a chance to learn practical skills”.

We run this because we want to empower you [local young people] to do well in your future. We want to give something back to our local community.

We hope that offering you the experience to work with us hands-on will develop your skills, your character, and practical competencies in Engineering.

What I’m looking for most in an applicant is enthusiasm , energy and willingness to learn. Anything else can be learnt from there.


Production Manager

The Powerboat Workshop gave me the opportunity to try something totally different, and has inspired me to go into engineering.

At school, writing things down never stuck. I far prefer being able to do things, like knowing how the different parts fit together. It’s far easier to just do it than explain!

If I had any advice for someone considering the Powerboat Workshops I’d say ‘Just try it’. I really enjoyed it, & you learn a lot!



I was the first apprentice from The Berin Centre five years ago.

My apprenticeship gave me a real insight in the industry. What I love most is the people; the supportive community they have here.

I got experience across the production line but I’m working on ‘final finish’ now. It’s one of the most skilled jobs, because you’re the last step before the boats reach the customer. I’ve finished several celebrities’ boats including Eddie Jordan’s !


End of Line Production

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