English & Maths

Why is it so Important?

GCSE grades 4/5 in English and Maths are gateway qualifications that will allow you to study level 3 qualifications (e.g. A Levels/Advanced Apprenticeships). If you have passed level 1 you can apply for an intermediate level apprenticeship or a college foundation course, where you will be supported to achieve level 2 English and Maths alongside your vocational choices.


English Skills

  • Speaking & Listening – For Excellent Customer Service
  • Speaking to Communicate – Essential for all jobs
  • Reading & Understanding – For safety instructions or gathering new knowledge
  • Writing to Communicate – Correct grammar and spelling make a good impressio


Maths Skills

  • Solve problems using your skills & initiative
  • Estimating – Costs of materials
  • Time management – Getting to work on time, and getting things done for the deadline
  • Handling & Interpreting Data
  • Measuring – Essential for construction, science, technology, design.
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