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For anyone wanting anyone wanting advice or just someone to talk to during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) period.

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Community Larder (Weds 11am – 4pm)

The community larder is a membership scheme which enables individuals and households to have access to affordable and nutritious food, as well as reducing food waste.

We are doing our best to keep the community larder running during the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is taking place from the large garden gates at The Berin Centre.

Emergency Coronavirus (COVID-19) membership is free until further notice. 

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst SOFEA supplies the boxes, at The Berin Centre we have to pay to host and staff this service. We are a separate charity and rely on our own fundraising. Donations made through forms in the box do not get to us, they go to SOFEA. If you are able to donate to us, please do so below.

Members receive one pre-made box per household containing ten items of ambient food, one bag of pre-made fruit and vegetables (if available) and one loaf of bread (if available).

New users will still need to submit a registration form. These are available from a box on the fence of The Berin Centre whilst the larder is taking place.

There is no means testing involved and the larder is open to anyone who wants to join, as long as you live locally. Just come along when we’re open and fill in a registration form, you’ll be able to take some food on the day you register.

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Fruit and Veg

Craft Club – Suspended Due to COVID-19

Our small local group meets fortnightly over a cuppa to knit, natter and sew. The focus of the group is to make items for those in need and we make a range of items for local and international charities. This includes:

  • “Teddies for Tragedy” (as pictured) which are for refugee children. Each child gets a teddy in a bag, in which they can keep their possessions;
  • “Twiddlemuffs” for a local dementia expert to help calm those with dementia;
  • “Fish ‘n Chip jumpers and bonnets” for babies in Africa who are wrapped in chip paper at birth to keep them warm when nothing else is available
  • Hats for premature babies, with colour coded pom-poms to distinguish their extent of need
  • Octopuses to comfort premature babies (as the tentacles remind them of their mother’s umbilical cord)
  • Fisherman’s Hats for the RNLI for when they rescue people from the water
  • Neo-natal bonding squares
  • Along with the usual bobble hats, blankets and more!

Come and join us if you are an experienced crafter, or a complete beginner and would like to learn how to knit or sew. Please contact The Berin Centre to find out when we are next on.

Riverside Counselling Service – Telephone Support Only

Riverside Counselling Service is a charity, established in 1989, that provides affordable BACP accredited counselling and psychotherapy to adults and young people  who live in Henley-on-Thames, Wallingford, Berinsfield, Didcot and the surrounding areas. They offer a  general service to adults and “The Space” a specialist service for young people.

​To book an appointment please contact Riverside Counselling Service.

In person appointments at the Berin Centre have been suspended due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19). Telephone support is still available. Contact Riverside Counselling Service for details.

Phone: 07879 381334
Email: (Adults) or (Young People)

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We are a charity and rely on your support to continue our work.
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